Been There, Played That – Final Fantasy VII Remake

The stars have aligned and Square Enix has parted the clouds to reveal a new teaser trailer for their Final Fantasy VII remake. This project has been a holy grail to rival the decade long development of Duke Nukem Forever. However, unlike with Duke whose ultimate delivery couldn’t possibly live up to expectations, hope springs eternal for the Square Soft golden child.

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Been There, Played That

I now present a project that I’ve been working on with two good friends, a new gaming podcast: Been There, Played That.

Brett Beasely, Ben Miller, and I discuss games we’ve loved and enjoyed, the missteps, the happy and sad memories, and our thoughts on the events and trends in the gaming industry. We’re all new to this medium and hope that you will follow us as we express our thoughts and explore ideas about medium we love so much.

In this episode we discuss the recently released Sonic Mania, what it could mean for the franchise as a whole, and we chat about how our personal relationships with the series, the high points and the low points.